Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a vital component of any fire safety system, ensuring that all staff and persons within the property have sufficient warning to evacuate in the event of a blaze. The experienced team at SAS Security and Alarms are on hand to carry out tailored fire risk assessments to determine the alarm setup most suited to your premises, as well as helping employers to fulfil their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order in terms of maintenance and upkeep of all alarm systems.

As one of the leading supplies of fire safety equipment and training in the region. SAS Security has now partnered with East Sussex Fire Alarms jointly we have been providing the design installation and maintenance of high quality fire alarm systems for the commercial and retail sectors for many years..

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EMS Fire Cell with 64 combined sounders, smoke and call points installed in 2016.

SAS Security (Seaford Alarms Security)

Maintenance Contracts

We provide standard or all inclusive parts and labour maintenance contracts with a 24hour repair response facility for new or existing fire alarm systems to ensure that you fire alarm is maintained in accordance with BS5839 Part 1 and BS 5839 Part 6

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Emergency Lighting System

Another important element of fire safety is a comprehensive emergency lighting system. Ensuring that your staff can locate emergency exits and evacuation routes during a fire – where smoke often impairs vision and power failures can take out primary lighting – could be potentially life-saving. SAS Security and Alarms are available to design, install and maintain emergency lighting systems at all commercial premises, carrying out free site surveys to assess the setup most suited to your needs.

We make sure that all your emergency lighting meets standards set out by BS 5266 part 1 regulations, with periodical inspections to check for faults, and can advise on siting and luminance options for the systems we install.

For more information, or to request your free site assessment, don’t hesitate to contact the team today.

We only fit British made security alarm equipment.

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